Installing a Software Security System
Keeping your ideas safe and sound
LicenseProtector security system is the best way to protect your software from users who don't want to pay for their own copy. Choose the features you need and use LicenseProtector to control who has access to your software.
Protection from leaking to the Web
No more worries that the user who made the purchase will leak your software to torrents or marketplaces
User verification by email / order number
LicenseProtector is the best way to combine and store all your user databases - safe and secure
Quick 24/7 support
We are always online! Just send us an email if you have any questions and we will be happy to help
How the system works
Instant access to your copy of LicenseProtector
After the purchase you will be redirected to the members area where you can get your own access page to LicenseProtector and the user guide.
Activate your page with your order number and password
Get an access under 5 minutes and activate your LicenseProtector using the order number and admin password from the email you got from Digistore24.
Add the source code generated into your software
After the copy is activated you will get the access to the admin panel and the source code that you need to add to the software of your choice.
Generate unique license keys for each order you get
That's it! Now your every new user will need to enter license key along with their order number to get access to your software.
Flexible and easy management
All the functions you need
It's time to stop worrying about your security
Leave it to LicenseProtector.
Got any questions? Contact us!
Our support team will contact you back and help you right away
LicenseProtector by Altra Scalper

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